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This session is a LIVE webinar. As an HR professional, too often I found myself ending employment relationships with individuals that were so excited to land the position but failed to make it past the first 90 days in the job. The truth is many times it had little to do with the technical skills they possessed but instead the lack of knowledge, workplace competencies and emotional intelligence needed to assimilate into the organization. The saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This course is designed to provide you with the leverage you need to launch a stellar career in the first 90 days. Please visit before the webinar to complete the pre-webinar assessment and/or download the webinar handouts.

• Sign up for this webinar using your Job Seeker ID # at:
• If you do not know or have a Job Seeker ID#:
1. Please go to JobQuest at: to obtain an ID#. (CTRL+Click on the link to open in a new tab).
2. Return here to complete the registration using the link in the first bullet to receive credit for attending the webinar.
• Watch for your registration confirmation email and follow the instructions provided.

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