MassHire Springfield Career Center’s move to increase our number of virtual offerings has proven to be a success.  Since the emergence of the COVID virus last spring, career centers have reconfigured operations to deal with the elimination of group meetings. Beginning in April 2020 we began creating both live and on-demand webinars. This involved the re-working of existing subject matter to meet the demands of the webinar format, as well as developing new content to address evolving labor market needs. MassHire Springfield has delivered 477 webinars since this project began.  Fourteen percent (69) of these have been delivered on weeknights and weekends.

There have been 4,158 people attend a MassHire Springfield webinar through January 31, 2021.  Our weeknight and weekend webinars accounted for 12% of the attendance. This has been encouraging as these non-business hour workshops have only come into their own in the last 90 days. Of those who register, we have a 76% attendance rate. People can choose from a variety of subject matter based upon job search and computer skills. They are able to register for live webinars from our Events Calendar.

MassHire Springfield’s on-demand content is available through several ‘channels’. For those looking to sharpen their skills to find employment, there is a Job Search page.  People looking to learn computer and technical skills can find help on our Computer Webinars page. Young people ages 14-24 can access information tailored to their needs on our YouthWorks Channel. Additionally, people can become members of MassHire Springfield Career Center by attending either a live webinar or by completing an on-demand webinar. Youth may join our YouthWorks program here.